Lovely Girls

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Ladies, if there is EVER a moment where you are made to feel anything LESS THAN “Lovely” by ANYONE, take time to reevaluate the relationships in your life and reaffirm your value as a person.

Two nights ago my friend and I were enjoying our last night in South Carolina when we were treated in a way that was less than what we deserve.

While enjoying dinner, four older men at the table to our right started to make crude comments and actions towards us. We were looked at with lust by married men. It was repulsive.

Sad enough, this is common. Women are not always looked at with the value, honor, and respect we deserve.

And sometimes I think we grown numb to this treatment; we brush it off as “okay.” Sometimes I think we may even lean towards anger instead of getting to the root of what the situation is making us feel.

Let me be clear on this. It is NOT okay to be degraded in any way—it will never be okay.

My initial reaction to the situation was one of anger—how DARE some RANDOM men think that I am made for their enjoyment! I am a Daughter of the King and deserve to be respected as such!

So then why in turn do I settle for young men’s attention that are not deserving of it? Why do I crave to be told that I am “lovely”? Why do I settle for drunken compliments? Why do we get so worked up over devaluing comments and then settle for affection from men that are undeserving of our beauty?

I think Perks of Being a Wallflower hits it perfectly on this one: “We accept the love we think we deserve.”

I don’t know what your life looks like, but I do know is that there is a God that thinks of you so highly that He thought you were worth dying for. He wanted you so much that He would took a bullet for you. In fact, He took a cross for you. He WON the battle for your eternal life because He desires you that much. And while no one will be perfect and no one is Jesus. If there is a man, a person, a whatever, in your life that does not see you with at least a portion of the value that God does, they do not DESERVE to be in your life. You are worth too much to be thrown to pigs in the mud.

Lean on the One that calls you lovely today, friends 💞 pc: @beccadannie


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