Here’s to the Rest of Our Lives

Being a candid photographer can be hard sometimes – especially if your client doesn’t know what they want. One thing I always encourage my clients to do is go on Pinterest and try to get a feel for what type of shots they want. It helps get to know your client more, understand their style, and ultimately give them the pictures they want and are paying you for!

One of my favorite things is when clients pull up examples of what they want. While not everything is possible given the location and setting of the shoot, when you are able to get the picture they want, it’s an incredible feeling. ESPECIALLY, when you’re able to get the shot they wanted and do it even better!

If you’ve ever seen, taken, or watched Grad photo sessions at the University of Florida, you KNOW that if you’re taking pictures on the field you’re probably going to run into other people or have to edit people out of the background; basically you know shooting on the field at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium can be a pain in the butt.

So imagine, having the ENTIRE stadium to yourself – where the grass is a beautiful and lush green; the 50 yard line is freshly painted and the blue sky is absolutely perfect. That was my shoot today. I couldn’t imagine a better setting. Okay, I can – one without the horrid Florida humidity! 😂

This shot for me represents what it’s like to take Grad photo at UF. There’s no turning back – only forward to go for these individuals! They have their entire lives ahead of them. Their adventure has only just begun! And what a privilege it is to be able to take these photos. My job honestly rocks.

Thanks for reading the words behind the photo! Can’t wait to share more stories behind the stills with y’all! ☺️

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